How do I get paid for my class?

You only have to introduce your card one time and it will be saved automatically and safely on your profile. You can always delete it whenever you want.

Can minors use our services?

If a minor wants to receive a lesson they need to know the next things:

-If the student is younger than 10, they will have to receive a class through their parent’s or legal guardian’s account. And can only receive this lesson under their direct supervision.

-If they are older than 10 they will have their own account linked to their parents or legal guardian’s account.

How do I accept my class?

If you have a teacher’s profile, you will receive a notification when there is a class available, whether you are in the app or not. You also have the option of entering the app and looking at all the available classes in that precise moment.

What do I need to teach my classes?

A tablet or your own phone that has a camera, a microphone and an audio outlet, would be sufficient. You also need an internet connection with at least 5mb download and 5mb upload.

The choice of turning on your camera depends on the student but we recommend you have it turned on to ensure the best connection between student and teacher.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us, either through any of our social medias or our email: global@bumdary.com