Once you have created your student profile,a connection test will appear on the screen. It will measure the audio and video quality of the device that you are using. This test is mandatory. Press «run test».

Once the test is completed, your profile will appear on screen as well as the lessons that you have had, the comments made to you and the option to choose a new language to learn.

Take into consideration that in «My profile» you will have the option to adjust your account for an adult or for a minor. Click on that option to change it.

3 language options will be shown to you, each of them represented by a flag. Click on the flag that matches with the language you are interested in learning.

Once this is done you will be able to start modifying the filters to search for language lessons according to your needs and preferences. Do not forget to adjust every filter.

The first filter allows you to choose a topic for the lesson. You would have the opportunity to choose between different options as shown in the picture: oral expression, reading comprehension, grammar, etc. Click on the topic you are interested in learning.

You will also have the opportunity to adjust the level. Click on one of the options: low, medium, high.

When you finish with this settings, this option will appear: «Select the duration and price of the lesson». Click on it and the settings will be displayed. You can choose between 15, 30 or 60 minutes for the lesson. In terms of the price, move the blue circle within the range until you find the price that you are willing to pay.

Remember that if you choose a very low price you will probably get a notification informing you that there are no teachers registered for that price. Adjust the price taking into account whether there are teachers willing to charge you the price that you want to establish.

At the end, you will get a last option in the same page to modify some filters optionally. Click on that option you will see two alternatives:

The first option is to decide whether you want your teacher to be a native speaker of the language you have decided to learn. Click on «Native» and choose «Yes!» if you want him/her to be a native speaker, or «No» otherwise.

In the second one you can establish, as a requirement for your teacher, that he/she can also speak another language, in addition to the one that they are going to teach you. The point of this filter is to ensure a maximum comprehension between the teacher and the student. Click on «Also speaks» and all language options will be shown. Choose the option that you are interested in and click on it.

Every filter you modify will be shown just above each section:

At the end you will also have the option to write any comment to the teacher. When you have everything done, click on «Contact with the teacher».

Remember that if you want to request a lesson you will need to have credit in you account. Your credit will be shown in the upper-right side of the screen, in the section called «My credit». Click on that option to deposit money in your account. You can choose between the following quantities: 9, 20 or 50€. You will need to indicate you credit card number in the space provided for this purpose and click on «Add credit». The amount will automatically appear in «My credit» already modified.

In the option «My lessons» you will see a record of the lessons you have taken.

To finish, when you click on you profile picture, which is in the upper-right side of the screen, you will see three options :

Remember that in the section «My profile» you will be able to update your user data.