Terms of use

General terms of use:

The current terms standardise the access and use of the website bÜmdary.com as well as its services and applications. Do not hesitate to consult the FAQs and the privacy declaration sections for further information.

Accessing to bÜmdary means you commit to regularly follow the last version of the General Terms, which is always available in bÜmdary.

 In the case you disagree with these terms, bÜmdary reserves the right to impede the access to the website. Thereby, to be able to visit bÜmdary.com, or use any of its services or applications, you must previously and deliberately accept the following terms.


Students sing up unfoundedly in the bÜmdary application following the process established to do so. The user will be able to establish the search criteria to find a lesson according to their preferences. bÜmdary does not take responsibility for those mistaken pieces of information provided by teachers, but it verifies the quality of the service every day.

Those teachers who fulfil the requirements of the students will receive a notification via e-mail, the student will not be able to choose the teacher in any case. The lesson will be given by the teacher who first agrees to do so.

The student can appoint teachers as “Favourites” once they have received a lesson by said teacher.

The student must not give their contact details under no circumstance.

The student can reserve a lesson at the time and day they prefer or receive it immediately.

The student commits to use the App and the services offered correctly by following the moral and ethical codes.

Under no circumstance lessons can be filmed.

People under de age of 16 who wish to receive a lesson will have to be either accompanied by a legal tutor during the same or to have a proof of parental consent.

The students’ bank information is put at the disposal of Stripe, whose software allows us to receive online payments. It provides a technological bank framework to operate online payments without fraud. bÜmdary will not have access to it.

If the student wishes to unsubscribe, they only must write an e-mail to bÜmdary requesting for it.

If the student reneges on any of the current requisites, bÜmdary reserves the right to suspend their profile and prohibit their access to the application.

bÜmdary do not sell or offer any piece of information or details from its members.

Our App is safe thanks to the HTTPS protocol; and the navigation through the different pages is encrypted. All member information and data are encrypted.


  1. Registration

Teachers register free of charge in the bÜmdary app following the procedure established for this, and adjusting the filters according to their preferences. A single teacher can teach different languages, always from the same profile. The teacher’s data must not contain erroneous, illicit or misleading information. 

Teachers are committed to full transparency. bÜmdary is not responsible for any misinformation provided by teachers. 

  1. General information about online lessons

Students can request the possibility to receive an online language class instantly, after completing a series of steps through the app.

Teachers who meet the characteristics that the student requests for the class, will receive a notification by email, being the first to accept the request the one that will give it. In no case can the teacher search for a student or any information related to it through the platform. At the end of the class students will be able to mark the teachers as favorites, obtaining in this way the possibility of booking classes with the same teacher at another time. However if the student is not satisfied with the class, the student will have the option of not including the teacher in the next classes.

  1. Payments and commission

The process of payments made by students and the collection of classes by teachers through the platform is as follows:

1- All transactions are made via the payment gateway stripe complying with all legal regulations in force.

2 – The money is deducted at the time of validation of the class application.

3 – The teacher earns the full price per class established by the student less the 15 % of it that is allocated to bÜmdary’s services maintenance and improvement.

4 – Should an online class be interrupted or have connection problems before the stipulated ending time, please get in contact with us at global@bumdary.com. Our support service will check the issue to refund the money of the affected individual (whether teacher or student).

1.Income statement

For teachers, the payable amount will be made once it reaches 50 € in “My balance» (“Mis finanzas”), and they will have the choice to keep on accumulating funds or just request the payout of the already saved money. The payment will be made within 36 hours.

bÜmdary stores the professor’s bank details encrypted to be able to make the corresponding payment whenever the deposit of a payable amount is requested. 

Every teacher using bÜmdary’s services to earn an extra income, accepts the terms and conditions and commits to declare every income generated under the use of this App in accordance with the current tax regulations of Spain. For any bill requesting, you must send a petition to global@bumdary.com  detailing every class performed as well as the total amount invoiced.

The teacher commits to use the App and its services following ethical and moral correctness. The teacher compromises to perform every class in a professional way. In no case must the teacher provide their contact details during the lesson. In no way a minor under 18 must perform a lesson as teacher. Every teacher have to be qualified enough to give a lecture, that is, having at least a high school degree or equivalent. Under no circumstances must the classes be recorded.

If a teacher stops using their profile for a maximum term of 6 months, it will be deleted automatically.  But they will be able to subscribe again if they wish to.

If a teacher wishes to unregister on their behalf, they just have to ask bÜmdary for it by e-mail (global@bumdary.com).

If a teacher fails to fulfil the before mentioned conditions, bÜmdary reserves all rights to suspend the teacher’s public profile and to forbid their access to the App.

bÜmdary won’t sell or transfer any private information from its members to third parties.

Our App is safe to use thanks to HTTPS protocol; every web browsing is encrypted. Likewise, user information and member private data are coded too.